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Noise Conservation & Hearing Protection

Not everyone with hearing loss was born with it or developed it from natural causes. Approximately one-third of Americans with hearing loss could have actually avoided it by protecting their ears when around loud sounds and noises. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a result of loud sounds at high decibel levels that damage the inner ear’s hair cells. Noise conservation and hearing protection is essential in caring for your ears, and custom-made earplugs can help you get through the loudest parts of your day without worrying about potentially damaging your hearing.

Who Benefits From Using Hearing Protection?

Everyone! Nobody is immune to NIHL, even children and babies. About 2.5% of American kids from age six to nineteen are at risk for hearing loss with one-fifth of all teenagers having diagnosed hearing loss. While it’s hard to explain this to children who want to crank up their iPhones or attend a loud concert, it’s important to communicate with your children to help them understand the risks associated with loud noises. Don’t forget babies are at risk as well. Their delicate little ears need protecting, just like the rest of that tiny body.

Others who could benefit from hearing protection include sports players who are subject to listening to a loud crowd, construction workers who hear power tools and construction noise all day, paramedics who drive with a siren, and other similar professionals.

How Do Noise Conservation Products Work?

Noise conservation products are designed to filter out the loud, damaging noises around you, but still allow you to hear the sounds you need to hear. For example, hunters’ ears won’t become damaged from the sound of their own gunshot, but they’ll still be able to hear a conversation and other low-decibel sounds. A musician’s ears will be protected from the heavy bass or loud crashes of sound, yet they’ll still be able to hear what they need to in order to put their song together properly.

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Using hearing protection products and custom earplugs is your number one line of defense against NIHL, but there are some other things you can do as a precaution as well. This includes taking breaks from listening to music, keeping the volume down when you are listening to any type of media, and avoiding places where you know there will be loud noises. For more tips, or to get your earplugs custom made, contact Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center today.

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