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At Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center, in Laredo, TX, we take pride in our dedication to diagnostic hearing services. A proper evaluation of your hearing allows us to make the right recommendations to improve your condition. We perform several hearing tests, optimized for both adults and children, to uncover your level of hearing deficiency and determine the cause.

Thorough Hearing Examination

We’ll start with an overview of your medical history to focus on the most likely hearing issues you may be facing. We’ll take the time to speak with you to understand the nature of your symptoms before we even begin testing and then take a look into your ears to search for any visual cues. An examination of your eardrum and ear canal can reveal more about your condition. With a thorough foundation to start with, we’ll then begin the next phase of your examination. This involves a set of auditory/hearing tests:


  • Otoacoustic Emissions
  • Tympanometry
  • Impedance tests
  • Pure-tone testing
  • Speech Testing


These hearing tests are designed to look at all components of the ear to locate the source of your hearing problem. We’ll take notes throughout the process and develop a full report to denote the findings of our analysis.

Hearing Tests for Kids

Evaluation of hearing can begin at any age, even in infancy. Children aren’t always able to explain what’s going on with their ears, so pediatricians often recommend developmental testing. With pediatric hearing tests, concerns can be detected early, and proper correctional tactics may prevent long-term adverse effects.

The Otoacoustic Emissions test, or OAE, is done by emitting sounds through a small earphone and measuring the amount of sound that is returned. Because this test doesn’t rely on information from the patient, it can be done on someone who may be too young to communicate. That makes it the ideal exam for toddlers and infants.

Older children whose verbal skills are more developed can be tested in other ways. These exams typically ask the child to respond to or repeat different stimuli.

Audiologist in Laredo, TX

All of our examinations are performed by state-licensed professionals with years of experience. When you visit our audiology clinic, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with the highest quality and variety of our diagnostic hearing tests.

Expert Knowledge and Hearing Loss Treatment Options

Once we’ve completed our examination, we’ll review the results with you and help you with the next course of action. Depending on the results of the hearing tests, we can also make referrals or forward to the appropriate physicians if needed. Your best interests are our top priority. If a medical referral is not needed, we can recommend hearing aids to improve your quality of life. We support the most reputable brands in the business, to offer you choices for every budget.

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If you or a loved one are noticing the symptom of hearing loss, don’t miss out on all of life’s sounds any longer. Let us here at Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center help you figure out the problem and work towards a successful solution. Contact us today to begin your hearing healthcare journey.

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