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Rehabilitation Hearing Services

Sound impacts our lives in dramatic ways. A baby’s laugh, a beautiful song, or the patter of rain: the sounds of your life can bring you to tears or elicit overwhelming joy. Missing out on those things that so many take for granted can be isolating. It is no wonder that the National Institute of Health calls hearing loss in the elderly “a severe social and health problem.” At Oliveira Audiology & Hearing Center, we combine compassion, experience, and cutting-edge technology in our pediatric and adult rehabilitative hearing services to find the right solution for those experiencing mild to severe hearing impairment. Our audiologists can prescribe different devices to provide hearing restoration, depending on the diagnosis:

Hearing Aids

After a comprehensive evaluation, we determine the right level of amplification needed to optimize our patients’ hearing. We then can fit you with a 100% digital hearing aid specifically tailored to your particular needs and lifestyle. We will set up a fitting appointment when your custom hearing aid arrives. Once we’ve ensured that you have the right fit and programming, we’ll set up quarterly appointments to clean and check your hearing aid. All our hearing devices come with a 30-day trial period and service for life.

Assistive Listening Devices

Some of our patients, they need additional help along with a hearing aid or cochlear implant to hear more clearly in different situations. Since hearing aids are meant to assist with personal conversation in quiet situations, an ALD may be needed to better discern words and sounds in other situations involving distance, multiple sounds, or a large room like a lecture hall. The types of ALDs we provide are:

  • FM systems – popular in educational settings, FM systems employ micro-radio transmission systems to filter out background noise by sending signals directly to the hearing aid
  • Sound field systems – are also popular in classroom settings, instead of sending a signal to the hearing aid, the signals are sent to speakers placed around the room
  • T-Coils & loop systems – the tele-coil switch on t-coil supplied hearing aids receives electromagnetic signals transmitted into a room or “looped area” to allow better sound perception
  • Alerting devices – for severe hearing loss, visual-based alerting aids are available on phones, alarm clocks, fire and smoke alarms, and many other devices

Hearing Device Repair and Maintenance

We also provide repair and maintenance on most makes and models of hearing devices. There may be a nominal fee, based upon the warranty of the device.

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